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Een Majestueuze Karpervakantie is niet zomaar een vakantie.
Het is om een onvergetelijke ervaring te beleven!


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Wie zijn wij?

Majestic Carp is ontstaan in 2014 toen Jean-Philippe, een gepassioneerde Franse visser, probeerde om bijzondere meren in Frankrijk te vinden, onbevist of weinig bekend bij vissers. 

Al snel ontdekte hij landgoederen die vrij uitzonderlijk waren, zowel vanwege hun karperbestand als hun charme. De volgende logische stap was om ze te delen op een website MAJESTIC-CARP om ze bij zoveel mogelijk mensen bekend te maken.

Sindsdien komen veel vissers naar de waterkant in Frankrijk om op de karper van hun leven te jagen bij een van de Majestic Carp meren. Elke dag begeleiden wij vissers om hen een unieke vakantie aan te bieden, met als enig doel hen een authentieke en onvergetelijke karperviservaring in Frankrijk te bezorgen.

Wij zijn een familieteam dat in Frankrijk woont (Normandie). Jean-Philippe, de oprichter, werkt inmiddels samen met zijn vrouw Aureline. Meerdere familieleden helpen mee bij het onderhoud en zijn neef, die voor de liefde naar Nederland is verhuisd, helpt ons met vertalingen in het Frans-Nederlands.

Wij zijn degenen die uw e-mails, whatsapp-berichten of sociale netwerken (Instagram / Facebook) beantwoorden. met name Aureline en Jean-Philippe beheren uw boekingen en onderhouden de link met u en de verschillende eigenaren. U kunt hier en daar nog een paar vertaal fouten vinden. 

Het is onze ‘French Touch’ 🙂 – maar ‘met de franse slag’ is het zeker niet…


Wij begeleiden u tot aan de rand van het meer. Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is ontspannen en een paar grote karpers vangen. Wij organiseren uw vakantie om zo goed mogelijk te zijn.

Uw vakantietevredenheid is erg belangrijk voor ons.

Het enige wat u hoeft te doen is u te concentreren op het vissen. Wanneer vissers hun volgende karpervisvakantie willen organiseren, kan dit soms een tijdrovende taak zijn. Wij zijn er om ervoor te zorgen dat vragen voor en na uw boeking snel en efficiënt worden beantwoord.


Travelling to our lakes

Do I need a fishing permit and is night-fishing allowed?

You do not need any kind of fishing permit for any lake currently on our website. Night-fishing is permitted on all our lakes without any restriction. All our properties are secure, monitored and locked to allow for the most peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

How do you get to our lakes?

For each lake, we give you directions for the quickest and easiest route but also options linked to your departure. However, you need to organise your travel arrangements yourself (ferry, plane etc). Majestic Carp does not restrict your choice of travel or company (e.g. Tunnel, plane, Brittany Ferries, P&O etc). We provide you full details for every lake (exact address, arrival and departure times) as well as the owner’s phone number in case you are late arriving.  We are also available if you need advice on your itinerary or have issues finding the right route to the lake.

How is driving in France?

For the most part, French roads are well maintained, especially the toll roads (autoroutes) which are usually less busy. Driving is easy and pleasant. We will provide you the exact coordinates for your lake so you can simply enter them into your satnav or smartphone. You’ll find plenty of service stations and rest areas on your route (specifically on the major roads and autoroutes). Remember to have the means to pay on the autoroutes (bank card, cash)

How do I prepare for my first trip to France?

Fishing in France is no different from fishing in the UK apart from the higher average of catches.  Even though the same techniques work well in France, each lake has its particularities and certain fish respond better to certain baits.  As well as a good number of lake-domains, we have also put together a small advice booklet which will be sent to you a few weeks before your trip, so you can maximise your successes. 

You may also choose a lake perfectly suited to your difficulty level and experience of carp fishing in general.  For the voyage, there are many different possibilities; however, don’t worry as it is fairly simple to organise a holiday in France.  You will find a great number of advice and information on various ferry-company websites.  We also advise you read this well-considered blog article on travelling between the UK and France (here)

How do I manage the language barrier?

The majority of our lake owner can speak English. For the others, they can understand enough.  In case of difficulties with the language, we are quickly available by phone, to help.  Customer service and satisfaction are always our priority.

What do I need to remember or think about before leaving for the holiday?
  • Your complete fishing tackles. Some lakes do rent out materials; don’t hesitate to ask about this.
  • Bait/s, of course
  • Your valid, in-date passport (remember to have it ready well in advance)
  • Driving licence and car insurance, valid and in-date
  • Euros for your needs once installed on the domain

The booking

How to book one of our lakes?

It’s really simple. Send us your booking request by clicking here

If the date you want is available, you will be sent an email with a positive reply as well as a link to finalise your booking.  In the case of unavailability, we will suggest several alternatives of dates and lakes to suit your requirements (as near as possible)

How do I pay for the booking?

To confirm your booking, you need to pay a deposit of 50% using the link we send you.  12 weeks before your arrival at the lake, you will be sent a new email with all the information on your chosen lake and a link to pay the 50% balance.

For bookings made well in advance (18 months or more) we will ask a deposit of 25% and give you the option of staged payments.

Should you need more detail or further payment options, please feel free to contact us.

What happens once my booking is validated and my deposit is paid?

Lodgings (where relevant) and right to fish, plus any options you may have chosen (rental of materials, food packages).
In all cases, our prices do not include transport to and from the domain (whether plane, ferry, driving). This is at your cost and the organisation is your responsibility. That said, we can offer advice to make this easier for you and above all to have your holiday at the best price.

What is included in the price of my holiday?

Lodgings (where relevant) and right to fish, plus any options you may have chosen (rental of materials, food packages).
In all cases, our prices do not include transport to and from the domain (whether plane, ferry, driving). This is at your cost and the organisation is your responsibility. That said, we can offer advice to make this easier for you and above all to have your holiday at the best price.

Practical Information

Do you accept short-stay reservations?

Our holidays are normally from Saturday to Saturday.  However, some of our lakes, and for some periods of the year, there is flexibility. Some lakes are closed over the winter, some are not.  We are obviously vigilant with regard to the weather-changes (freezing, floods) and we undertake to keep you informed to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Feel free to contact us or to consult our special offers on the lake page;

Are dogs/pets allowed?

We indicate for each lake if animals are allowed or not.  You may also see quite easily on the website which lakes allow animals. We ask you to note the following;

  • You must pay attention to keeping the domain clean and, therefore, limit your pet’s impact on it. Certain areas are forbidden for animals; bedroom, swimming pools, swimming in the lakes.  We believe that this is commonly understood, but we ask you to bear this in mind.
  • Also, remember to make sure that everything is in order for your pet before travel; chip, rabies vaccine, pet passport. For all that, seek advice from your vet.
Are there "poisson-chat" in your lakes?

We are very vigilant about any harmful presence in our lakes as we know that can adversely affect your angling.  There are hardly any poisson chat in our lakes.  There are some crayfish in some lakes at certain times of the year but not enough to hinder your angling experience.

For every lake there is information regarding the presence or non-presence of catfish and crayfish. There are several methods we use to keep their numbers down, so be reassured that we are extremely vigilant about this and will not allow it to get out of hand.

What can you expect from a carp-fishing holiday in France?

Many people think that carp-fishing in France is easy and the results are guaranteed, so it’s important to be reasonable and realistic.  All our lakes are well-stocked and contain, for the most part, fish reaching or passing the 50lb mark.

That said, we can’t promise you anything.  Sometimes, it happens that a runs water sometimes becomes suddenly more difficult.  The week before or after may well be the opposite, a truly fruitful experience.  It’s angling, that’s how it is, sometimes frustrating and our lakes aren’t outside the norm. the weather has a great impact on our hobby and it can be unpredictable!  Just don’t hesitate to change your strategy and techniques because you are in a different country. 

Catches of 30 lbs + are generally quite frequent but for carp of 40-50 lbs, you will need a good strategy.  Some lakes have many 40 lb + catches and you will have a good chance of the same.  Again, please feel free to let us know your expectations and we will do our best to maximise your chances.

How can I thank you for my holiday?

We do all possible for your holiday to be memorable, enjoyable and an angling-success. If you are happy, then so are we. Don’t hesitate to let us know your opinions and the photos of your catches which are a great help to us.  These photos allow us to follow the evolution of the stock and to improve it.  Thanks in advance.

Ervaar het ongewone element

Kom en beleef een unieke ervaring op de meren van Majestic Carp.


Droom. Verkennen. Ontdekken.

Omdat we weten dat elke karpervisvakantie in Frankrijk anders is, zijn we erin geslaagd om verschillende locaties te selecteren, zodat ieder van u tevreden kan zijn met uw eigen wensen.